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Friday, November 11, 2016

Slinky Inductor coil for Transmatch/tuner or loading coil

Keeping things cheap while I mockup all kinds of Radio experiments is on my mind lately, so I decided I would share my ultra cheap Slinky inductor/loading coil. You can make one for under 3 or 4 bucks or even cheaper if you have some type of glue or silicone and a spare slinky laying around. First line up the bottom on a piece of cardboard or plastic and staple,glue or whatever one side. Then perform the same action on the other. make sure to get the spacing between the coils how you want it before fastening the 2nd side. glue the crap out of it on the bottom side(on two sides of the bottom works pretty well) and wait till it dries. after it dries the top will need a few spacers to hold the end coils apart like in the picture. Use anything you have for spacers(cardboard or whatnot). after the proper spacing on the coil is achieved just put a nice thick line of silicone down the top middle making sure to get between all the coils. after that wait a few hours and you have an ultra cheap loading coil or inductor! If you want to use it outdoors use a plastic bottom strip instead of cardboard. The silicone will do pretty well on its own outside. The Slinky also solders pretty well which is a bonus!!! after you solder a 12 position switch to it or whatever you have in mind hit it with some clearcoat polyurethane to keep it from rusting if you are using it outside. seems the cheapest way to have inductor fun! And yes I know it is not nearly as efficient as a copper or silver coil but it sounds mysteriously as good as my $300 transmatch when I am on the air.

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