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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DM-780 Rare DX and callsign definition file/list/xml

I created a Rare DX etc etc list for my DM-780, I am sharing the list but I am still getting the list created a little at a time and I will upload a new one every now and then. Maybe we can find some rare DX! Enjoy!

Download Rare DX list here!

Monday, February 24, 2014

IC-746,IC-746pro etc etc power settings for digital modes. (and most other radios)

Recently I have spent more than a few hours getting a little mad at the overly abundant steaks of 1600k wide digital mode distortion ruining my hope for man on my psk31 waterfall......But that's OK we have all been there.

So I am going to attempt to try to explain how I set up my nice clean psk31 and other digital modes  without uttering all kinds of Tech garble.

Step one.......hook up all of your digital stuff right.....once again no tech mess here! Read the instructions its all in there! 

Step two.......check on step one again! 

Step three....after you check the installation of all your digital wire mess see step 4

Step 4..... turn the computer sound or whatever device you are using to about 45-50% that's all! NO MORE then turn the radio mic gain to ZERO and turn the RF gain up to 100% transmit and add mic gain on the radio until you get whatever power range you want. Watch the ALC and make sure to keep it on the bottom of the scale! Zero ALC! If your radio cannot do it check and make sure the sound card is not up too high and then take the mic to zero and slowly add again until you get to your power level. that's it! no more! let the mic drive the power level and life is easy! keep it under 40 watts and you will more than likely read no ALC at all!

Step 4 Answer 2

If you have no ALC because you are on an old radio just do the same thing but be aware of a nice steady power output. If the meter is jumping around..... that is bad.

Friday, February 21, 2014

HRD/DM-780 macros will not save fix!

now this one is easy! 1........First crank up Dm-780 and then look around......

2.......change from the default macro to set 3 or whatever you want......... right click set 3

4...........Hit the set title button and name it something you want! I like to use my call!

5................Now go to import and basically copy the default set of macros...........

Done! after all this is done your new macro set will save like a champ! Time for some digital DX!