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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 meter Jpole results!

I built a 10 meter Jpole the other day from ladder-line and some 16 gauge wire. I had a spare piece of coax so i directly attached it to the Jpole and then trimmed until I got a decent SWR. It still needs a little tuning but here is the first test run! Most of the band was 1:1 at 20 watts until higher in the band. Antenna is a little long I guess. Time for a trim

 The Picture on bottom is the way I hooked up the feedpoint!
I always change things around and do odd tests of all types just for fun. So don't get bent out of shape if it looks like i made a huge mistake. I do horrid things to my antennas in the name of science all the time. I will post all of my measurements and data asap,hopefully before the weekend! Below is the basic data so far.                             FREQ      SWR     POWER  
28.005     1.2        20W
28040       1.2       20W
28.1          1.1       20W
28.15        1.1       20W
28.2          1.1       20W
28.3          1.4       100W
28.4          1.2       100W
28.5          1.3       100W
28.6          1.4       100W
28.7          1.4        100W
29.0          1.6        100W
29.5          2.0        100W
Over all it was really simple took no real skill other than basic soldering and cost zero dollars since i had a scrap ladder line and some wire on hand, Even the coax was in the trash box! 
total build time was around 15 min. 

On the AIR!
After I got home from my job at the local  "create issues from no problems office" I decided to crank up the 746 and see how my antenna would decide to work. I called CQ on 28.400 and Immediately wb2eod came back with a s5 report. Not bad for the first try! In a little while I will take measurements and retune the antenna for the final test. After that back to the drawing board for the second phase! Rework the Jpole for 1000 watts!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Jpole with 9 db gain! Ummmm No!

Every time I look around on the internet I find antenna and radio sites that most hams will find comical! Especially the ones that claim huge gains with everyday antennas! The one below claims 9db gain from a 11 meter Jpole! comedy comedy

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

40 meter NVIS beam antenna!

I have always loved 40 meter because with a dipole 7 feet off the ground you can make clouds hot!
using around 130 feet of wire you can make a easy NVIS dipole with a reflector underneath it. These amazing antennas can be disguised as a really long clothesline or a dog run and make one amazing signal! You can even mess around and add more reflectors or even a director and get really stoopid!
Enough about thinking Here is the plans. This thing is floating around and I don't remember where I got it. Please click a few AD's for me on your way out! Thanks and have fun melting clouds!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lets hack some FRS radios into some Ham radio's

I'm no guru But I like all the blogs I see about reprogramming those cheap little FRS radio's into some ham radio's! I don't have all the cool guy gear to get it done but with a few good ham geeks and some of those amazing tools some of you guys have I am sure we can get it done! The link below is a data sheet about the Single chip FRS transceiver used in alot of cheap FRS radio's
This Next link is a fellow with the same Idea!
And this last link is yet one more Ham getting after the hack!

So please if you already been there and done that! Leave a comment...........
Or if you are a level 99 Tech mage give us a little help so we can have too much fun and spend way too much money on a project!
Thanks alot!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Making assault weapons at home! The Eventorbot! Open source DIY 3D printer!

I am always looking for new things to build. Well the Eventorbot seems like it would be a fun and challenging project while at the same time giving me all new abilities to create cool stuff! Like assault weapons and thermonuclear devices! Please click on a few AD's every click helps! Bwahaha haha!