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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy wifi antenna! or lucky random wire?

I was looking around the other day for no good reason other than wasting bandwidth on my annoyingly random internet connection whenever I came across a WiFi collinear antenna that I really did not think would work right( feed point resistance,length of elements and such) . 

If you look at the design the first section is a half wave......I have not really ever seen any collinears that works starting out with a half wave! And also what is the mysterious lenght of the loops? and the end element is 83mm! Why? microwave antennas are always a little different to understand but can anyone tell me why this thing appears to work? Is this thing a snake oil longwire or is it a actual correct design? Stay tuned for my own version of this antenna corrected according to what i think it is! A jpole with no J!

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