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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cheap and Simple WIFI Yagi antenna!

I was looking around today and found this really cool WIFI Antenna! It seems to ad some gain and also is super cheap! Merely adding on to your existing built in antenna on your router. I plan on building one to see if the badboy will work as I expect it will! Click on the picture to go to the webpage where i found it.

Here are the destructions he gave with it!


I cut a piece of plastic from a yogurt container top to support the parasitic elements. I folded the plastic and cut slits for the sleeve dipole. Then I drilled holes for the elements, which are made of #14 copper wire. The reflector is 2¼″ long and spaced 1916 from the center of the sleeve dipole. The director is 2″ long and spaced 1516. Conductor diameter affects element tuning. If you use unfolded paperclips, lengthen the director to 2116. Metric dimensions for 2.5-mm wire: reflector length 28 mm, spacing 39 mm. Director length 25 mm, spacing 24 mm.


  1. Like the blog, very interesting. Found it from the owner post from
    Google + Do feel free to visit mine as well. Cheers

    Malcolm S.

  2. You got 1 post! Great Job on the effort! Keep up on posting sick antennas and ninja ham radio stuff!