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Friday, November 18, 2016

Microwave inverter hack for HF Linear power supply? why yes I will take 7 please!!!!

Found this nice tutorial on an MWO inverter hack to make a quick and deadly HF power supply! Appears simple by reversing a few diodes here and there and not killing yourself in the process........
Add in a simple 555 timer circuit for control and a power supply for the variable board and your all in!
I will have to get my hands on one to get it all hashed out but an Improved schematic would be a nice addition.  If anyone found one please let me know and post it below. Going off a youtube video sucks. After a bit of research, I found a hint at what the  nice guy on this page:
has found. An IC labeled  Part number AN9DB07SB 929S6E02
I deduce it is a .........

AN9D series to 12 V 2.6 GHz
14.4 V 100 to 250 1.0 GHz
14.4 V
66 to 200
For low power dissipation/
high speed operation IC
That's the most information I could locate on the subject but it appears to act as a control circuit for the power output of the supply.
Below is the video of the hack in action!

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