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Saturday, January 18, 2014

One more antenna that got Screwed!

Decided to add my Alpine antenna's Screwdriver to a modified 4-btv with a 102" whip added to the top instead of a resonator! Turns out it is rig tunable(IC-746) from 20 meters and up and flat SWR all day long on 40-160 meters! works really well for a quick slap together job and I can once again enjoy some 80 and 160. Take note that the screwdriver antenna is not attached to the ground rod electrically. I have a insulator seperating the antenna from the ground rod. And I do not use the coil on the bottom of the screwdriver as a ground point at all. I do have a whip on top of the screwdriver also but I am sure it just acts as a cage on the lower freqs. I do plan on making a section of the antenna from the base of the 4-btv to the bottom of the 10 meter coil a cage style antenna soon for no good reason other than experimentation.  Wes(KA6ELK) makes a really good antenna so go check him out!

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