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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shortwave Magnetic loop!

My friend wanted a antenna for his shortwave radio! He stated that he did not want a huge antenna hung in a tree and wanted to have the ability to keep it inside..... I gave this a few seconds thought and told him to grab a small box. He found a box at goodwill that would work and I searched through the junk box in my ham shack and came up with some copper tubing a few connectors and a capacitor! WALA tunable shortwave Magnetic loop! Not bad for an hours work and a few cups of coffee and some beers!


  1. If I needed it I would make an instant purchase.. :-)

  2. Well im very happy you have that ability. But there is nowhere where you can buy a Magnetic loop like this for cheaper than $400. I build my own because I like to save the cash for better things like bigger radio's! But as always all opinions and comments are welcome and thanks for yours!