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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CPU Benchmarks and Affordability!

The other day I found the trusty website that I use to compare those expensive $1000 CPU's to the $100 CPU's that I use in my computers! The point was why should a buy a processor for 300 or more dollars whenever I could get one of the same power level for hundreds cheaper! If you look at some of these comparisons take the FX-8150 for example
If you look at the Intel Core i7 right above it the core i7 is a thousand bucks........The Amd cpu is $159 for a similar number crunching attitude! Infact the FX-8350 which beats the
Intel core i7-2960XM is still under $200! the closest competitor for the FX-8350 in price is almost $300 on the list. So save some money and  make your newest build affordable by making a few comparisons before pretending one is better than the other.
Thanks for clicking on a few AD's and supporting my Insanity!

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