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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lets hack some FRS radios into some Ham radio's

I'm no guru But I like all the blogs I see about reprogramming those cheap little FRS radio's into some ham radio's! I don't have all the cool guy gear to get it done but with a few good ham geeks and some of those amazing tools some of you guys have I am sure we can get it done! The link below is a data sheet about the Single chip FRS transceiver used in alot of cheap FRS radio's
This Next link is a fellow with the same Idea!
And this last link is yet one more Ham getting after the hack!

So please if you already been there and done that! Leave a comment...........
Or if you are a level 99 Tech mage give us a little help so we can have too much fun and spend way too much money on a project!
Thanks alot!


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  2. Have had a GMRS store-and-forward repeater going here in the Catskills since 2007. Paid $80 for the license. Neighbors and other hunters here use it during hunting season, as do our family members. I run a STandard commercial radio (l985 vintage) with 16 channels as the base station, and midland brand HT's which make 2 watts
    nimh rechargeable. The Standard makes 25 w. into a $30 yagi aimed down the mountain. I also use a homemade 6 db vertical (copper 1/2 inch dia) for unidirectional operations.