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Friday, December 28, 2012

My favorite DD-WRT router of the week!

There is nothing better than a router that you can hack the piss out of exept a router that you can fit even more stuff on! Here is my favorite DD-WRT router!

The ASUS RT-N66U = This router is Short of amazing because it can do everything and the dishes! With speeds up to 450 MBS It's no slouch and even the stock firmware has some pretty great features. Aicloud is my favorite. Just hook a bigass harddrive to the routers usb port and you have a place to backup files,use as a media server and aicloud will let you use an app on your phone to access that harddrive from anywhere! File transfers on the Lan are blazing fast usually limited to how fast your harddrive is in your computer! 
and that's before the DD-WRT or Tamato! Long story short you can get this amazing dish washing tech beast for under $200 and the only thing more powerful is a acual server! So run on over to your favorite computer store and start hackin' this thing!

Get the DD-WRT firmware here

Grab the router below


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