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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here is my Hustler 5-BTV mounted in a planter with 100 Ibs. of concrete inside. this badbay has survived 75 MPH winds and just leaned a little. 3 guy ropes are the trick. I just added a 40 meter MFJ HAMSTICK and a Capacity hat! Ninja on 80 meters now!! went from S9 reports to 10 and 20 over reports! to add this little 80 meter mod to your Hustler btv antenna just grab your favorite 40 meter whip and add in a 40 inch per radial capacity hat. i get 1:1 SWR at about 3.6 MHZ with the whip fully extended.. 40 meter SWR also stabilized and the 3:1 bandwidth covers the entire 40 meter band. seemed like a decent modification for $40.
To build the cap hat go buy some angle aluminum and bolt it together to form a + then screw on some aluminum welding rods to keep it light. and drill a 3/8 hole in the middle to attach it to the middle of the Hamstick, tune it by trimming the aluminum rods until you are at the desired SWR for your 80m Frequency. It does not effect the other bands at all! 73

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