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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gifts under $100 to buy a car guy or mechanic this Christmas

Every year the holiday season rolls around and Car guys get jipped! We end up with crappy cheap worklights or some other less than desirable gift. Don't be that odd gift giver this Christmas and get your Car Guy (or car girl) something kickass instead of lame ass! The Gear wrench 10mm socket set is one of the top gift ideas for Car folks and Mechanics alike. with 10 different 10mm sockets to choose from, All those odd to reach nuts will be even easier to remove this year! A big win under tree for last years lame gifter....

The next gift on the list is for the guy that likes to play with electrical and wires more than turn the bolts. The Power Probe 3 Can be used to activate motors, fans, and lights, Test solonoids and check for bad grounds and continuity! Even comes with an extra long 20 foot power cord so the truck guys will like it also. You cant go wrong with even accidentally getting two of these! They come in handy every time a project pops up!

The next gift is best described as.... "The best low cost gas fuel injection test tool on the market" I personally tested and used one and was surprised at the test capability compared to the high dollar units! And as a bonus its circuit protection is second to none! Affordable, ugly and works like a champ! Don't let your loved one get stuck on a bad injector with no way to test for it.

Forth on the list is one of my all time favorite multi-meters and every car enthusiast needs atleast one decent multi meter. But this choice has a few capabilities that usually don't come with a sub $100 unit! besides the Dozens of standard and advanced functions it also tests for RPM and comes ready to go with the probes for both RPM and temperature! Its very well built and probably wont stay in stock over the holidays so grab one off the links below before I buy them all!

The fifth gift is one of my favorites to buy for the beginner, advanced and professional mechanics- tech geeks! It has some kind of function or capability for everyone and comes in handy to keep those car codes at bay! I Have seen people save thousands with these little bluetooth car scanners and they are all the craze!This is on of the higher quality units available and yet still under $100.

Got a hotrodder in your life? Keep those pesky exhaust burns away at a exceptional price! I love these and they come in handy atleast once a week and keep the costs down on burn ointment.... Big time protection and high quality for those accident prone car guys!


When it comes to gloves there are a million different styles and options, but this pair of gloves not only protects the hands from sharp stuff and burny burny stuff they also look kickass! ALPHA gloves for your Alpha male... or female. They come in a few different colors and options so pick wisely.

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, A ultrasonic cleaner! This badboy is amazing and makes those pesky small parts cleanup jobs a cinch without the grinch! Your Car guy will show his love of the gift and adoration by cleaning your jewelry.......or Injectors! and still well under that $100 price point!

The 9th of awesome gifts is a rugged bluetooth speaker! Don't skimp on power for your car guy, This device provides the room with boom...... In the rain........ during a tornado....while floating down the river.... And the best part is the battery lasts all day and a few days if the volume is down a little!

Last buy not least a camera and a beast! If you want a decent action camera with bells,whistles and features without outlandish cost....this is your huckleberry! Its the same one I use for my adventures and at a fraction the cost of brand Go! Buy one for everyone and make a movie!